Engrave Your Engagement Ring And Wedding Ring

Published: 08th May 2008
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Ring engraving has become a popular option for couples who want to personalise their engagement ring or wedding ring. The good thing about ring engraving is that it allows you to personalise the ring without having to alter the design. Engraving also makes the rings more meaningful.

What Can Be Engraved On The Rings?

You can ask the jeweller to engrave whatever you like on your engagement ring and wedding ring. Popular options are the names of the couples or sometimes just their initials. Some also prefer to engrave important dates like the engagement date or the date of the wedding. But the date isn't limited to this. You can ask any other special date to be engraved on the ring.

Some couples prefer to engrave short love promises or love quotes that best represents the couple's relationship and the love that they feel for each other. Sometimes couples just want to engrave the word love on their engagement ring and wedding ring. Fair enough, love may just be a single word but it means a lot.

Tips In Ring Engraving

Here are some tips that you need to consider in having your engagement ring and wedding ring engraved:

  • Make sure the writing can be read without having to use a magnifying glass. Ask for a font and font size that are eligible.

  • The ring should be wide enough to have something engraved on it. If the engagement ring or wedding ring is too thin, it is almost impossible to engrave something that is readable on it.

  • If you want a love quote or promise, make sure it is just short enough to fit inside the engagement ring and wedding ring.

  • Be sure as what you want to engrave on the engagement ring or wedding ring. It is hard to remove an engraved name on the ring so make sure it is really what you want to see in your ring forever.

  • Check the spelling. A single error on the spelling can ruin everything about the engrave.

Ring engraving is an excellent way to personalise your engagement ring and wedding ring. It is more meaningful if your ring carries the name of your love one. It sets your engagement ring and wedding ring apart from all other rings.

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